The 4th Trimester


Catharine will provide continuous care and support for mom and baby after birth for up to 2 months.  This includes 24/7 availability by phone for questions and concerns, as well as the visits outlined here.


Home Visits Within the first 3 days after birth

  Full physical assessments on mother and baby

–  Going over birth and answering all questions and concerns

  Breastfeeding education and help and emotional support

  Jaundice check on baby with remedies if needed

–  Newborn Screening


Additional office/home visits within the first 2 weeks after birth

–  Mother and baby check

  Going over how parents are adapting and addressing any concerns

  Breastfeeding Support

  Nutritional Support


Postpartum and baby check visits every 2 weeks or more often if needed


Final Exam at office 8 weeks postpartum

–  Exam of mother and baby

  Assessment of baby’s growth since birth

  Going over birth control concerns

  Watching how parents are adapting to their new life with an infant

  Going over the whole birth experience with the parents and expressing what they loved about it and what they would do differently (if anything) next time


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