The Advantages of Home Birth

Birth Attendants of your choice, continuity of care throughout your labor and birthing.
Avoiding unnecessary medical intervention and iatragenic (medical problem caused by a medical procedure) complications in labor and birth.
C-section rate of below 3%.
Bacteria in home aren’t a risk to the baby, Mom already is immune, and baby has immunity through Mom.
Episiotomy rarely necessary with slow birth of the head.
Bonding – Baby is not separated from Mother, stays on mom to keep warm.
The same Pediatric Newborn exam done as Pediatrician, right beside Mom on the bed.
Individualized/personalized Prenatal, Birthing, Postpartum, and Newborn care including alternative healthcare modalities to prevent complications from occurring.
Siblings can be present, if desired; a family-centered experience allows immediate bonding.
Informed choice given to birthing parents, decision making is respected.
Greater breastfeeding success equals less loss of baby’s birthweight post birth, less jaundice.
Attendants present are chosen by you and don’t leave in the middle of your birth.
Father has active role, sharing in the birth, more free to be intimate and emotional.
Avoiding unnecessary medical intervention in labor and birth that may lead to more serious complications (such as surgery or fetal distress).
Bacteria and dirt in home are not a danger to mom and baby. Baby is accustomed through mom’s immune system, already protected and will continue to be protected through breastfeeding.

The Disadvantages of Hospital Birth

Increased danger of infection – Moms and babies are more at risk due to extremely dangerous strains of bacterial/viral pathology that are present in hospitals. The common practice of early rupture of membranes, and repeated internal exams by different caregivers increase infection in labor, and exposure of mom and baby postpartum. 
Routine IV drips and routine use of episiotomies.
Surrounded by strangers, caregivers not of your choosing.
Change of shifts – even if you bond with your nurse she will be gone when the shift changes. The quality of your experience, and the ability to birth without drugs, may depend on who is on shift.
Baby is taken to the ‘warming’ table for ‘cleaning up,’ rather than placed on Mother for immediate bonding.
Informed Choice is not routinely given, and parents’ choices are not always respected.