Included in the Birth package


One of the advantages of being in Catharine’s practice is the length of time spent together at the visits throughout your pregnancy and postpartum care.  There is plenty of time to get all your questions answered, and to go over all the options you have at each stage of pregnancy.  She also provides detailed information on what to expect during the last month of your pregnancy from 32 weeks onward.  Catharine will go over with you exactly how she will proceed through out your labor and delivery, as well as your postpartum visits and what to expect from her with the care she provides.

 You will be completely confident in your readiness for labor & delivery by the time you are ready to have your baby.

You are also provided with the ‘First Breath Manual’, which contains detailed literature about the childbearing year.  You will be going over the information together at each prenatal visit.

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