Catharine grew up in a small town in Canada within a very large extended family. Surrounded by her two sisters, many aunts, uncles, and cousins, she enjoyed the benefits of a very strong family bond.

Feeling the desire to see the world, she left for Europe where she discovered a love for travel. Having lived and traveled around the world over the years has given Catharine the opportunity to observe a variety of diverse cultures and different belief systems regarding birthing and child rearing. These experiences have given her invaluable insight and inspiration for her current holistic practice.

In 1982, after settling in Encinitas, California, Catharine was blessed with the birth of her baby boy Eli. Her own birthing experience with her son motivated her to help women through the birthing process. Shortly after, she began training to become a midwife, working with different midwives in her community, at a high-volume birthing clinic, and with a physician who had a home birth practice.

Through attending births, she has come to understand the powerful forces that are always at work at this transformational time in a woman’s life and she gains more wisdom and strength from each and every woman she serves.

Catharine loves spending time in nature – hiking, swimming, and exploring new places. Community is very important to her, and she is committed to doing what she can to contribute in a positive way. She feels especially blessed to have her son living close by so she gets lots of playtime with her beautiful grandchildren!


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Encinitas Midwife Catharine