Included in the Birth Package

Each family is unique and will be treated as individuals, with respect and flexibility. Every mother will be given the well-deserved opportunity to labor and deliver in the manner and position in which she chooses. Every baby will be provided the best possible, gentle transition from the womb into the loving arms of mom. Catharine is not restricted with time and how long it takes you to birth.  Every woman moves through the stages of labor at their own pace. Catharine is open to working with you, as long as you are hydrated, eating, positive and staying focused on your birthing process. Sometimes women deliver in a few hours while others go on for 24 or more. However long it takes, Catharine will make sure you and your baby are safe and well taken care of along the way.

First Breath Midwifery takes great pride in creating a healthy comfortable environment for birth, as well as providing emotional support. The following services are included in the Birth Package:


Homebirth services between 37-42 weeks pregnancy

– Phone calls and guidance as needed – 24/7 availability on phone and in your home when needed

– Home visit to check and make your birth supplies are ready, your home is prepared, and to meet any others who will be present at the birth and discuss what to expect

– Continuous care and support during labor

– Labor and birth in the privacy of your home where you want

– Use of birthing stool if desired

– Water birth

– Qualified midwife assistant

– Complete exam of you and baby after birth – Stay with you after the birth for 3-4 hours or until you and your baby are stable, you’ve eaten, gone to the rest room, baby is breastfeeding, you are comfortable with the team leaving, and all immediate postpartum information is gone over.

– If you are transported for any reason, Catharine or her assistant will go with you to the hospital and stay through the birth and continue through your full postpartum care.

– The Birth Kit, which contains supplies needed for birth and postpartum care is not included in the birth package fee.

– Preterm Labor – If you go into labor prematurely Catharine will go with you to the hospital and keep you informed of what is going on. Catharine is there to support you in the decisions you make and help you understand all of your options. She believes strongly in women being empowered through their birth experience no matter who they choose as their care provider or where they choose to deliver.


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