First Breath Midwifery believes that a woman labors and births best in the place that she is most comfortable, and that home birth is a safe option for most healthy women.

First breath is dedicated to providing the highest quality prenatal and postpartum care, with supportive, attentive coaching and monitoring at births. As experienced attendants we are respectful of the natural process of birth and are committed to giving you the best care possible.

First Breath provides an individualized approach to prenatal care. This begins with a free initial consultation which allows you to interview me, and for me to asses you as a homebirth candidate. My assessment is based on your previous birth history, present health and past medical history, motive and personal conviction for choosing a home birth, support system for pregnancy and birth, commitment to optimal delivery and physical conditioning during pregnancy, and avoidance of drugs and toxic substances.

The Birth Package includes complete care from the time we start working together until a couple months after your baby’s birth and includes:

1. Prenatal Care
2. Birth
3. Waterbirth
4. Newborn & Postpartum Care- The 4th Trimester
5. Birth Preparation
6. Breastfeeding Support