Catharine believes in the innate wisdom the body. By offering holistic care and nurturing support, you are empowered to tune in to your own inner strength.

She offers these additional services to provide that extra care you may need during this magical time.

All services are tailor made for the individual.

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Parenting & Childbirth Education

Catharine offers a 4-week series of classes for her clients, as well as other couples who are having their babies in a birth center and/or hospital.  These classes include practical information about the physiology of the stages of birth, postpartum recovery, and newborn care.  The emphasis is on finding the strength within, coping tools, and the sacred art of birth through relaxation, breath, and visualization.

In addition to her regular group classes Catharine offers private sessions for couples who’s schedules do not allow attendance to the scheduled classes.  The private classes can be individually tailored for each couple’s needs.

The emphasis is on finding the strength within, coping tools, and the sacred art of birth through relaxation, breath, and visualization.


Couples Massage

Emphasis on connecting on a deeper level during pregnancy, and tips for hands on support in labor is helpful in adjusting to the new role of parenthood.


Couples Yoga

Help each other bend, stretch and breathe your way to better health during this transformational time.


Individual Holistic Health Care Consultations

Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding & Bonding, the 4th Trimester

nursing baby

Catharine is Certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultants

4th Trimester: It really is a year not just 9 months.  Each trimester is 1 season, so technically they are ‘quadmesters’.  Which brings you back full circle to the day your last moon cycle before the beginning of motherhood.

Catharine offers in home services to new moms.  Women birthing in the medical model setting often have more problems with initial breastfeeding.  She can offer solutions for problems with baby: weight loss and poor weight gain after birth, issues such as inconsolable crying, jaundice. And solutions for mom: damaged nipples, painful nursing, or milk supply issues.

Catharine offers breastfeeding support in all settings – home, office, support groups.  She has had extensive experience from her midwifery practice with over 25 years of helping moms and babies get the healthiest start possible. While breastfeeding is a natural process, there are sometimes difficulties getting established in the first days of life for the newborn. The breastfeeding education she offers prenatally prepares moms for this incredible experience, and facilitates a smooth transition into parenthood.



Practicing and teaching Yoga since 1980 has allowed Catharine to observe the incredible benefits that can be achieved. She offers yoga, breath work, meditation and guided imagery in her classes, and in one on one private sessions. She has experienced these benefits first hand, both during her own pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, and in all the following years.

Private yoga sessions for individuals, couples, and pregnant moms are available.

Pregnancy Consulting

This service provides holistic care alongside your obstetrical care.  It includes nutritional counseling: interpreting lab work, a tailormade diet plan general education regarding all aspects of pregnancy including testing.


Pre-Conception Counseling and Preparation

Preparing the body, mind, spirit before pregnancy through natural modalities


Breath Work

Many breathing techniques can be instrumental in relaxation for labor. Modified pranayama techniques can be utilized for relieving various discomforts of pregnancy and postpartum including hormonal fluctuations.  Excessive heat in pregnancy, and ‘night sweats’ postpartum are common complaints that respond well.  Transforming the breath can also be a successful treatment for some complications such as high blood pressure



Individual blends created with highest quality oils can be created for all aspects of this transformational childbearing year.

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