Preserving the “Sacred Art of Birth” has always been Catharine’s purpose in her home birth practice.

The birthing process is a ‘family affair, a momentous event which can impact all involved psychologically and spiritually for an entire lifetime.  A sanctuary is created in your home, a safe space for the powerful transformation that takes place when a woman surrenders control to the instinctual part of her being that knows how to give birth. All animals in the wild seek out a safe, private, calm space to have their young.  If they feel threatened, or exposed, their labor stops until they find another safe space.  At home it’s possible for your birth attendants to hold this sacred space, and envelop you and your baby in a cocoon of warmth, safety and trust.

When a woman is able to release into her own intuitive consciousness, she gives birth to the spirit of the “Divine Mother” within, opening herself up to experience birth at a profound spiritual level.  As she takes each contraction as it comes, let’s go with it, and copes with the successive waves of contractions she develops patience and persistence.  She forms a bond with this child she is birthing that is all the deeper because it has been forged with hard work and sweat and tears.

Her personal transformation through this profound process prepares her to be a stronger and more loving mother, a mother who loves unconditionally.